Accenture wants to see all employees back in office

All employees have been asked to begin working from their base locations by 31 August 2023


Encouraged by the increasing number of employees working from office, Accenture is planning to revert to in-person working.  Team leaders and managers have been instructed to ensure that their team members are working from their base locations by 31 August 2023.

The company has asked all its employees in corporate functions to return to their base locations and start working in collaboration and establish close connections. Managers and leaders have been urged to ensure a positive working environment for their team members, full of purpose and memorable experiences. They have been asked to think of ways to help their teams and co-workers establish connections and work as one unified group to fulfil their clients’ requirements.

The company clearly believes that in-person interactions will help the workforce deepen connections, increase collaborations and ultimately accelerate the value the company wishes to bring to its clients.

In an internal mail to employees leading its corporate functions, the company has encouraged them to come to office, and “feel” the joys of in-person connections. The two important asks from the employees are that they should all begin working from their base locations and prepare themselves to come to office regularly. Team leads and managers have been asked to take out time to help their team members  work on critical projects and do their best together to fulfil clients’ expectations.

The company is looking to prioritise employee wellbeing and safety as more people start working from their base locations.


  1. By working from home, the first thing is that the company does not have to pay extra compensation and seeing the increasing crime, parents are also not allowing their daughters to go out for jobs.

  2. Accenture is a reputed company. It’s a dream company to work with professional. It’s a big opportunity for me to work with this company and make my future.

  3. I’m selected for content moderator position and completed documentation process still not received nxt step worried alot and not answering my calls

  4. By working from home employees get more time to invest in work. It is the perfect option to utilize time and effort. WFH should be continued.

  5. Joining back office is good idea but for woman it is tough to join back after seeing the increasing crime report parents will not allow them to do night shifts. Accentuate is a reputed MNC it should allow women to work from home so that they can also do secure jobs without fear.

  6. They should keep the hybrid model of working. If all team members are from different locations, so even if we go to respective offices, it will only waste time in commuting, still we will be connecting virtually only. Then, what is the difference?

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