Air India launches Gurukul.AI; learning platform with 70,000+ cutting-edge tools

Gurukul.AI aims to provide an enhanced personalised learning experience for Air India employees, enabling them to develop the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world


Air India has elevated its learning initiatives with the launch of Gurukul.AI. This new platform provides a wide array of over 70,000 cutting-edge learning tools, marking a significant milestone in the airline’s learning journey. Gurukul.AI offers a comprehensive suite of advanced resources, catering to the diverse learning needs of Air India employees.

Gurukul.AI is designed to provide personalised upskilling paths for employees based on their job roles, competencies, and proficiencies. The platform incorporates competency frameworks mapped to different roles within the organisation, ensuring accessibility to relevant learning modules. The goal is to equip employees with the necessary skills to excel in today’s fast-paced and technologically-driven professional landscape.

Suresh Tripathi, chief human resources officer, Air India, emphasised the airline’s commitment to creating a futuristic learning experience tailored to the unique needs of each employee. In a rapidly changing world, the ability to upskill quickly and access high-quality learning content through digital innovations is essential. Gurukul.AI reflects Air India’s determination to transform into an authentic learning organisation by offering a business-driven strategy.

The primary focus of Gurukul.AI is to develop world-class capabilities within Air India and enhance employee productivity and skill sets to meet global standards. The learning hub provides employees with a wide range of learning tools, including just-in-time modules, micro-learnings, mobile resources, and video-based modules. The platform encourages employees to continuously enhance their skills through self-paced upskilling options, fostering a culture of personal growth.

Gurukul.AI leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to evaluate employees’ skills and provide hyper-personalised recommendations based on their unique learning trajectory. The platform also offers automated analytics and performance management features, allowing employees to track their progress and receive assistance in managing their performance.

Air India plans to launch Gurukul.AI in phases, customising the platform to meet the specific requirements of different departments within the organisation. Future phases will introduce advanced AI-driven solutions for pilot training management.

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