Cognizant’s ‘Synapse’ to reskill 1 million in tech skills

This programme builds on Cognizant's history of helping people learn new tech skills


Cognizant, the multinational IT services and consulting company, has introduced a new training programme called ‘Synapse’. By 2026, the programme will train over a million people in advanced technology skills, including generative artificial intelligence (AI), to help them succeed in the digital age.

The programme is created to provide easy, thorough and top-notch training to people from all walks of life. Furthermore, the initiative is dedicated to encouraging diversity, fairness and equal opportunities in technology education.

Among other key highlights of the programme, it will make a real difference by reaching out to communities, groups that have been left behind, and people who can’t easily get a traditional education. It will open up new opportunities and success paths that were previously out of reach for many individuals.

Additionally, the programme plans to provide tech skills training to 2,00,000 jobseekers through sponsored upskilling programmes. Learners will complete online courses, demonstrate their knowledge through assessments, and acquire the skills needed for tech careers. High-achieving participants may also get opportunities for specialised training or job interviews with Cognizant or its partners.

The company will work with educational institutions and workforce-development organisations to support numerous individuals as apprentices, helping them gain experience in emerging technologies such as generative AI. These apprenticeships target both entry-level and mid-career professionals.

Moreover, the company will upskill more than 2,00,000 of its own employees, out of a total of 3,45,000, using their learning and development platform, focusing on the most relevant technologies, including generative AI.

To further ease the process, the IT Company will work with governments, schools, businesses and other partners to use AI technology and their tech expertise to prepare individuals for future jobs. Cognizant plans to create a group of partners to provide training and employment opportunities for people who learn new skills through the Synapse programme.

This programme builds on Cognizant’s history of helping people learn new tech skills. Since 2018, the company has been working with organisations globally to invest in training people in the tech industry. Recently, Cognizant also increased its partnership with Google Cloud to offer extensive training resources to people learning about Google Cloud and responsible AI use.

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