Dunzo staff will get salary in batches

The delivery platform has been delaying the payment of salaries to its employees for some time now


Indian quick-grocery delivering company, Dunzo has been in the news for delaying the salaries of its employees. Admist a major funds crisis, the quick commerce startup had told employees that they would have to wait till October for their June and July salaries, and that they would be paid the salaries along with 12 per cent interest. Earlier, it had promised to clear all pending dues by 4 September, a deadline it had extended from a previous promised date in July.

The salary payment was further delayed because the platform failed to raise the required funds.

Now, it is reported that Dunzo will pay its employees’ salaries in batches.

An e-mail to the employees informs them that it will take a couple of days to transfer the salaries to everyone. However, they have been assured that their salary for August will be paid this week for sure.

The company has been apologetic for the delay in salary payment and has assured its employees that it is doing everything possible to clear their dues at the earliest. It has also assured that there would be no further delays.

Earlier this month, the employees at Dunzo’s dark stores in Bengaluru had opted to not resume their duties due to the delay in receiving their salaries for the month of July. The salary delay had affected about 1,000 employees. The company that once managed about 250 dark stores, is now left with just about seven in the city of Bengaluru.

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