Employees of HPSEB to receive benefits of OPS

The HP government has taken several measures to improve the well-being of employees, such as giving a 3 per cent dearness allowance installment


The state government, led by Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, chief minister, Himachal  Pradesh, has taken a significant step to ensure social security for employees of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board  (HPSEBL). The government has decided to include these employees under the old pension scheme (OPS), benefiting approximately 6,500 individuals.  

CM Sukhu expressed the government’s commitment to the welfare of its employees and  maintaining the pace of development.

During the inaugural cabinet meeting, the state government approved the reinstatement of the OPS which will benefit more than 1.36 lakh state employees. The HP government wants to ensure that the employees receive the benefits provided under the OPS by extending the OPS. The chief minister acknowledged the vital role played by government employees in the progress and development of the state.

Highlighting the government’s priorities, Sukhu emphasised that the welfare and empowerment of government employees are of utmost importance. As Himachal Pradesh continues to make rapid strides in development, the government aims to prioritse the well-being of its employees, enabling them to contribute effectively to the overall growth of the state. 

In addition to the OPS decision, the government has implemented various measures to enhance employee well-being, including the release of a 3 per cent dearness allowance installment.

Despite the challenging fiscal situation, the government has adopted a balanced approach and is committed to gradually clearing all liabilities as the state’s economic condition improves. 

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