New term-time contract enhances work flexibility at Amazon

Employees can enjoy their summer break, Easter, and Christmas holidays without sacrificing benefits like medical insurance and life assurance


Amazon has introduced a groundbreaking new contract that offers parents, grandparents, and guardians of school-age children the option to work during term-time only. These contracts ensure that employees can enjoy their six-week summer break, as well as the two-week Easter and Christmas holiday periods, without compromising the comprehensive benefits they receive, including private medical insurance and life assurance.

The contracts were initially trialled at three locations and received positive feedback from employees. As a result, Amazon is gradually implementing them across all its fulfilment centres, which are the facilities where items are stored, picked, and packed for sale. Later this year, the contracts will also be extended to sort centres and delivery stations throughout the UK.

Amazon has announced a new flexible part-time contract that requires a minimum of 80 hours per month. This contract allows employees to choose and combine shifts that best suit their needs, whether they prefer part-day or full-day, daytime or nighttime, weekdays or weekends. It is designed to support individuals who face difficulties finding work due to family or other commitments requiring flexibility, enabling them to reintegrate into the workforce.

Similar to other roles at Amazon, existing employees can refer their friends or family members to these flexible working options, providing them with the necessary flexibility to balance their commitments at home. The part-time contract, which was successfully piloted at five fulfilment centres and is now being expanded to an additional seven sites, was also developed based on employee feedback.

Amazon already offers various types of employment agreements, including standard 40-hour workweeks, shift-swapping options, and part-time choices. Term-time contracts are now accessible to thousands of Amazon’s fulfilment centre employees, while the part-time pick-your-shift option has been successfully implemented at seven fulfilment centres and will soon be expanded to more sites.

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