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Government school headmasters in South Delhi to undergo training to improve learning. 

Strengthening its commitment to improving quality of education, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has entered partnerships to build the capacity of headmasters and school management committees or SMCs in 30 schools under its jurisdiction.

Recognising the critical role that efficient principals can play in building excellent schools, SDMC has partnered with the India School Leadership Institute (ISLI) to conduct a City Fellowship programme for 30 school principals for the session 2015–16. The Fellowship will span from July 2015 to March 2016 focussing on building instructional and operational leadership as well as leadership for equity. It will also help develop the people leadership skills of headmasters.

ISLI will organise a showcase event for headmasters to inform them about the programme details. In addition, it will select and recognise 30 high-performing headmasters with support from zonal officers, through an application form and interview.

The goal set for ISLI is to develop headmasters who drive high-performing schools committed to the academic achievement and character development of children from underserved communities.

SDMC also launched a community leadership programme in partnership with Saajha. The Right to Education (RTE) Act mandates SMCs in every primary school, as a means of engaging parents and the community to ensure and monitor effective learning outcomes for children in school. The major functions of SMCs include monitoring the expenditure of grants, functions of the school and implementation of the school development plan.

In Delhi, SMCs are made up of 16 members, including 12 parents, the headmaster/headmistress, a teacher, a local elected leader and a local educationist.

ISLI and Saajha are non-profit organisations focussed on transforming the school education system for low-income communities. They are supported by the Central Square Foundation, a venture philanthropy fund and policy think tank dedicated to improving learning outcomes forchildren and the quality of school education.

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