Welspun India promotes innovation through inclusive employee programme

‘Manthan’ encourages employees across departments and units to bring innovative ideas to the table. The best ideas will be rewarded and implemented


Welspun India, the global home textiles company, has launched an organisation-wide programme, Manthan, to nurture and promote an entrepreneurial work culture. Founded on the principles of innovation and inclusivity, ‘Manthan’ is aimed at encouraging employees across departments, functions, offices and manufacturing units to come up with impactful, innovative and adoptable ideas aligned with business goals.

Through this initiative, Welspun invites all employees, staff and factory workers, regardless of their role or designation, to participate and share their creative ideas.

Dipali Goenka, CEO & Jt. MD, Welspun India, said that Manthan is aimed at “igniting the minds of employees and propelling new thinking that will not only contribute to the individual’s but also the organisation’s growth and success.”

The innovative ideas will be collated through the employee login portal. Employees can pitch ideas across a range of categories, including product development, manufacturing process development, sustainable business development, energy saving, productivity improvement, cost reduction, technology/IT upgradation and human resource, among others.

The collated ideas will be evaluated on different parameters by three review committees, before finally reaching the reward committee consisting of Dipali Goenka, CEO & Jt MD, Sanjay Gupta, CFO, and Rajendra Mehta, CHRO.

These ideas will be examined for their impact on business goals, feasibility, uniqueness, value to the customer/organisation/workforce and adoptability.

Awards will be given to the idea with the highest impact, the department with the maximum ideas submitted and implemented, and the idea initiator and project manager.

Credited with more than 30 patents, innovation and technology has always been an integral part of Welspun India’s DNA.

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