Engagedly and ADP launch a new performance management app


The app’s feedback and developmental approach to performance management leads to higher employee engagement and a performance-driven culture.


Employee engagement tool, Engagedly and HR service provider, ADP, have collaborated to launch a new and progressive performance management app.

With its feedback and developmental approach to performance, the app will help companies build an engagement and performance-driven work culture for the tech-savvy generation.

The idea is to implement a comprehensive employee performance system that incorporates real-time feedback, social praise and peer feedback into performance management.

The app claims to have easy-to-customise templates, flexible rating scales and an advanced administration dashboard that allows easy management of the performance cycle.

The new app will enable employers to optimise decision-making by seamlessly integrating the workforce across their company, through secure ADP application programming interfaces (APIs).

The official communique says, “According to a research, only 55 per cent of the survey respondents from high-performance organisations (HPOs) indicate that performance management has had a positive business impact on their organisations. This is primarily because employers have taken an evaluator approach to performance management. Engagedly follows a progressive model by taking a feedback and developmental approach to enable a learning organisation.”

Employees need feedback from all quarters to thrive and grow in an organisation. But the main grouse behind the 360 review process is that it is complicated. Engagedly’s multi-rater feedback boats of a feature is a simple and powerful tool that aims to make the 360 review process a breeze.

The feature has two very important aspects that make it stellar—the ability to make the process anonymous or open and the capability to nominate users to give feedback.

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