Google employees are mandated to work from home until June, 2020: Sundar Pichai

The Company will be cautious about getting employees to return to office, and is likely to do so in a phased and gradual manner, whenever the decision is taken, depending on the situation at different locations.


Google employees, who are working remotely, have been directed to follow the same system of work until June 1, 2020, as there is no mention of any specific date for return, in the e-mail from Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer, Google.

As for the employees working from office, Pichai has asked them to abide by their site-specific guidelines.

Post lockdown, companies will have to consider social distancing for a couple of months until the situation improves. Pichai in his email said, “Even when employees do return to their offices, life after Covid will be different.”

The copy of the e-mail was first seen by Bloomberg.

Sharing some guidelines for further action, Pichai conveyed in the e-mail that just as Google was one of the first to adopt the WFH approach as the situation had demanded, it will be extremely cautious about getting people to start coming to office too. The decision will be taken depending on the conditions at various locations, and will probably involve limited staff attending office in phases.  A degree of flexibility will have to be allowed depending on the domestic situation of the employees and their locations.

He highlighted the fact that things will definitely be different after lockdown is lifted, and that the present pandemic has taught everyone a lot in terms of novel approaches to work. Therefore, once things begin to get normal, the Company will “…continue to search for innovative ways to hold events, engage with customers, and collaborate across distributed teams.”

In his mail, Pichai also thanked the onsite employees working to provide critical services and helping millions of people in the process.

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