IIT Hyderabad offers remote teaching to all at affordable prices

The charges for this course are kept affordable to make it more accessible for individuals from various backgrounds


The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, has introduced a programme called open to all teaching (OAT) to facilitate distance access to the institute’s online-curated courses. Through this initiative, the organisation opens the doors to its unique technical education beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. 

It will provide distance learning opportunities for professional staff, faculty and students from various colleges, helping to create an inclusive and accessible educational environment. 

As technology and industry needs to evolve, there is a strong need for individuals with expertise in areas like artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, etc. To fulfil this need, this approach to education by IIT Hyderabad will help promote reskilling and upskilling opportunities in emerging technologies.

An important advantage of the OAT approach is its ability to overcome the limitations of physical infrastructure. Traditional classroom designs can be constrained by space, capacity, and logistical challenges. By leveraging online platforms and technology, IIT Hyderabad can expand its educational offerings beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. 

This opens up opportunities for a wider audience to benefit from the institution’s prestigious faculty and high quality of education. Additionally, OAT classes provide a unique learning experience. 

The programme is live-streamed from regular classes from the campus at IIT Hyderabad, enabling participants to interact directly with course instructors in real time. This interactive process enhances the learning process and  fosters and encourages active discussion.

To ensure that the courses offered are accessible to a wider audience, the institute has implemented an affordable pricing structure. Participants can enrol in these courses at a fee of Rs 10,000 plus GST per credit.

The decision to keep the fees reasonable is driven by the aim to make the courses financially viable for learners from diverse backgrounds and organisations.

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