Centre may introduce ordinance to raise working hours

If implemented, the move will help solve the labour shortage problem that is bound to arise post lockdown.


It is reported that the Central government may introduce an ordinance that will allow the state governments to increase the working hours of employees. If the ordinance comes into effect, establishments will be able to raise the working hours from eight per day to 12 hours per day.

With thousands of migrant workers having left the towns to return to their villages amidst the lockdown, it will not be easy to find resources immediately after lockdown is lifted.

The factories are bound to face immense pressure as the workers who left for their villages in the absence of an income source in the cities, will take time to return to work. This will make it very challenging for factories, establishments and other industrial units to start functioning normally.

This measure is expected to resolve the issue of labour shortage post lockdown, when establishments will begin their journey back to normalcy.

However, all the establishments will be required to maintain social distancing. The states or an authority will be given the power to notify the work hours according to what is suitable and feasible.

This Bill was presented in 2019, by the Labour Ministry and had been sent further to the standing committee for approval. However, even though the standing committee had presented the Bill in the budget session, the matter was not deliberated upon because the Parliament session had to be terminated amidst the pandemic.


  1. I am surprised with this proposed enhancement… What shocks me is that it is conveyed here that the bill was presented by the labour ministry and was awaiting approval of standing committee.
    Does’nt it imply that the government was in know of this pandemic ? which seem unlikely, unless there was some other idea behind this …

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