Karnataka’s 60 industrial projects to create 8,000+ jobs

The State Level Single Window Clearance Committee has given clearance to a number of new projects that will generate employment in the state


The Government of Karnataka has approved about 60 industrial projects worth Rs 2,465.94 crore, which are expected to create employment opportunities for more than 8,575 people in the state.

The 131st State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) has given its approval to 10 important large and medium size industrial projects, with investment of over Rs 50 crore. These will offer a source of livelihood to about 3,190 people.

The committee also cleared 49 new projects with investment of more than Rs 15 crore and less than Rs 50 crore. These projects, worth Rs 938.61 crore would generate jobs for 5,385 people in Karnataka.

Another project worth Rs 5 crore was also approved. In total, clearance was given to a total of 60 projects with investments amounting to Rs 2,465.94 crore and with employment potential for 8,575 people.

In the last edition (130th) of the SLSWCC meeting, 48 projects had been given clearance, capable of giving jobs to over 6,393 people.

The state government had earlier cleared industrial projects worth Rs 11,495.4 crore with the potential of creating over 46,984 jobs during the 58th State High Level Clearance Committee meeting held earlier in the month of April.

Among the latest projects that received clearance were, the Siddhasiri Souharada Sahakari Niyamit’s project with an investment of over Rs 360 crore; the Goodrich Aerospace Services project worth over Rs 250 crore; and the Shree Cement project worth about Rs 150 crore.

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