Kerala government staff to get Onam bonuses, allowances

Last year, despite economic difficulties, the government had provided bonuses of Rs 4000, a festive allowance of Rs 2,750, and an advance of Rs 20,000 for Onam


The Kerala government plans to give notable benefits to state government employees in the form of bonuses and allowances, on the occasion of the state festival, Onam. On 14 August, 2023, the Kerala government made ultimately decided to give out bonuses, in spite of its poor financial state, which even drove it to secure a loan of Rs 2000 crore to cover expenses in August. Last year too, the state government had disbursed a bonus of Rs 4000, a festive allowance of Rs 2750, as well as an advance of Rs 20,000 for Onam.

In the year 2022, the bonus was given to workers whose cumulative salary, inclusive of dearness allowance (DA), was equal to or less than Rs 35,040. The finance department has proposed a modest elevation of this threshold to Rs 35,640 for the current year. It is important to highlight, however, that the overall count of individuals eligible for the bonus will remain consistent with the figures from the preceding year, ensuring a fair and equitable approach to rewarding the workforce.

Concurrently, the Kerala government has allocated a sum of Rs 1762 crores to address the overdue social security and welfare-pension payments, which are meant to provide essential support to vulnerable sections of the population. This proactive measure reflects the government’s commitment to upholding the welfare and well-being of its citizens.

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