Economic slump forces Emirates to lay off 9,000 employees

Earlier, the Airline had sent redundancy notices to 700 of its 4500 pilots


The condition of the aviation sector across the world has been deteriorating ever since the coronavirus outbreak. With flights yet to resume and so many aircraft still grounded, most carriers have resorted to layoffs and pay cuts to stay afloat. Post slashing almost one-tenth of its workforce recently, Emirates has now slashed 9,000 jobs in yet another round of layoffs.

June 2020 recorded the maximum layoffs in the aviation industry. At Emirates airlines, the downsizing exercise began with the pilots and cabin crew initially. Along with layoffs, the employees of grade four and above, who were still on the rolls, took a 50 per cent pay cut until September.

Earlier this week, Dubai’s state-owned carrier had already sent redundancy notices to 700 of its 4500 pilots.  At the time, it was mentioned that there could be more job cuts and that there was a likelihood of 15 per cent jobs being slashed.

Reports claim that those flying Airbus planes are the ones most impacted and not those associated with Boeing aircraft.

Emirates had suspended operations in March when flights were grounded the world over and international borders were sealed in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Airline is now planning to resume its services by mid-August, to only about 58 cities instead of the 157 before the crisis. Emirates, with its fleet of about 270 A380 and about 777 jets, sees no hope of flights resuming to all 157 international destinations for up to four years!

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