Layoffs can do good

Once the fear of layoffs is gone, the impacted people can actually look at the bright side and benefit


Recently, a former Meta employee shared her story of getting laid off at the big IT giant. She called it her ‘worst fear,’ detailing her job loss. She recalled how she got to know about being laid off while refreshing her mailbox at 4am. 

In March 2023, Meta announced its plans to let go of 10,000 employees and the news caused quite a frenzy all over the internet. Many employees used LinkedIn as a medium to recall their laid off experiences and how they’re battling for a secure future ahead, while looking for new opportunities.

Adding to her post, she mentioned that she received the mail during the layoffs round in April. “The morning of the April round of #metalayoffs I was, predictably, refreshing my inbox at 4am. I was one of thousands impacted by the layoffs that day, with more to come. It had been outwardly my worst fear,” her post read. 

However, she also mentioned how she took the news in a more positive outlook. She mentioned that upon learning of her job termination, she didn’t experience fear; rather, she was enthusiastic about pursuing an alternative career path that had been on her mind for quite a while.

She recalled how she used to accompany her father, who was working as a carpenter, while he worked. Nonetheless, her parents lost their home due to financial struggles a year after buying it. At the age of 13, she resolved to build a high-earning career.

Therefore, after graduating from Cal, University of California, she worked at a writing job and then transitioned to a tech position. She recalls that she bought her own house at the age of 24, which is the most significant aspect of job. “As much as I loved my tech job, it was a means to an end. I always just wanted a nice house to live in with my family,” she recounted.

Concluding her post in an optimistic tone, the woman conveyed that following her experience with the Meta layoff, she’s in the process of rediscovering her dream. Currently, she has immersed herself in the field of real estate.

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