MeritTrac launches 4 new assessment tools


The new tools will allow corporates to assess those dimensions of an employee’s personality which were not mapped at the pre-hiring phase.


Bengaluru-based MeritTrac has launched four new assessment tools, which claim to analyse thinking styles specific to the workplace, employee’s willingness to learn, managerial skills and longevity of employees within the company. Based on psychometric tests, these analytical tools will enable employers to hire the right candidate.

The company claims that cognitive tests, which are used as tools to evaluate freshers or candidates with only few years of work experience are outdated. In today’s eco-system, personality or behavioural assessments are a must, especially for jobs that require interactions with multiple stakeholders.

The new tools launched by the company will allow corporates to assess various dimensions of an employee’s personality, which were not mapped before hiring.

Workplace thinking styles

This test measures competencies, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and customer centricity. It will allow organisations to align candidates’ abilities and thinking styles before allocating job roles or assigning projects to them.

Willingness to Learn

This test is designed to assess the individuals on their learnability. It assesses a candidates’ interest towards new learning and their inclination to seek and convert opportunities to gain knowledge and skills. It studies their ability to integrate new learning with existing knowledge and skills at the workplace.

Management success profile (MSP)

This assessment tool measures a range of competencies considered important across supervisory and managerial roles. It evaluates candidates on key managerial traits — their ability to adapt to and lead in change, interpersonal effectiveness, performance orientation, as well as capability in managing complexity, people and resources.

This could be helpful while hiring future managers or even for internal elevations.

Retention profile

This tool can be useful in predicting longer tenures and reduced risk of negative withdrawal behaviour, such as employee turnover. It evaluates dependability, integration, perceived fit, intent to stay and ability to manage risk.

Vasu Saksena, CEO, MeritTrac Services, says, “Organisations are looking to hire the best resources who are not only talented and skilled, but also right for the specific job roles. These scientifically developed products can be used to overcome challenges and equip employers with the right talent while optimising the total cost of ownership”.

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