Meta mandates in-office work for employees from September

Employees mandated to return to office starting September, Meta announces workplace transition


In a move that reflects the shifting landscape of remote work in the tech industry, Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, is set to enforce a new policy mandating employees assigned to an office to work on-site for three days a week, starting in September.

This decision comes amidst a broader trend of reducing remote work arrangements and aims to bolster productivity and efficiency within the company, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter, as reported by Bloomberg.

While this policy change primarily applies to employees based in physical office locations, existing remote workers will be allowed to continue their current remote work arrangements, as confirmed by an insider. A spokesperson from Meta emphasised the company’s commitment to distributed work and underscored the belief that employees can make valuable contributions both from the office and from home. 

The implementation of this new policy follows months of deliberation and internal analysis conducted by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta. 

Back in March, Zuckerberg publicly shared the results of an internal analysis that indicated engineers earlier in their careers tend to perform better when working in-person with their teammates for at least three days a week. In light of these findings, Zuckerberg encouraged Meta employees to actively seek more opportunities for in-person collaboration.

However, Meta’s recent process of laying off 10,000 employees, which commenced in March, has left many staff members uncertain about their future with the company. 

The period of uncertainty, coupled with the emotional toll of losing talented colleagues, has resulted in a sense of low morale and apathy among both current and former employees.

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