Mumbai’s Nair hospital employees set to stage hunger strike on June 1

Municipal Mazdoor Union mobilises class IV employees for impactful hunger strike


The employees at Nair Hospital are highly dissatisfied, and to address their demands, the Class IV employees from all departments, led by the Municipal Mazdoor Union, will commence a hunger strike. They will take casual leave from the morning shift starting June 1. The aim is to enforce the decisions made regarding their demands and concerns.

The upcoming hunger strike by Class IV workers at Nair Hospital is expected to impact the hospital’s operations. Out of the total 139 Class IV worker positions, around 51 positions are currently vacant.

Despite the significant vacancy rate of almost 40 per cent, these workers, responsible for patient care, are being assigned additional tasks in departments like the office and establishment. The authorities have issued orders to allocate work to these workers based on their ranks.

All 26 sweeper positions are filled, but the hostel work is outsourced to a contractor. The administration assigns extra tasks to the sweepers to assist the contractor. Allegedly, the 12 contract workers are assigned different tasks instead of their designated work.

Female cleaners are needed for cleaning common rooms and toilets used by female doctors, nurses, and other staff. However, male sweepers currently perform these tasks.

Contrary to the Lad Committee policy, educational qualifications and caste verification are being imposed on female scavengers.

After discussing the concerns, demands, and issues with Dr. Neelam Andrade and relevant officials at Nair hospital and dental college, a decision was reached. However, the administration is refusing to put the decision into action.

To highlight the worker’s demands, a Demand Week was held during lunchtime from April 24 to May 2, 2023. Positive discussions led to a decision. However, as the decision remains unimplemented, employees will take temporary leave from the morning shift on June 1, 2023, and stage a symbolic hunger strike outside the administrator’s office, as stated by Pradeep Narkar, assistant general secretary, Municipal Mazdoor Union.

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