Pay hikes for employees of Metropolis Healthcare

Frontline workers get additional bonus from the MD’s personal account


Employees of diagnostic company, Metropolis Healthcare, have received their annual increments for the year 2020. The Company has also recruited more than 200 new employees in the April to September period. In addition, Ameera Shah, MD, Metropolis Healthcare has rewarded the employees with a bonus from her own personal account in appreciation of their work and commitment during the ongoing pandemic.

Given the fact that Metropolis Healthcare operates 12 COVID approved labs across the country, and is conducting thousands of tests daily for the public, the Company has been ensuring regular testing and medical assistance to all its employees and their immediate family members. It has created an employee welfare fund and modified its insurance schemes to ensure adequate coverage for the staff during the ongoing pandemic.

An Employees Assistance Programme has been launched to help staff deal with anxiety or mental health-related issues, if any, especially for the frontline workers.

Employees have been provided high-quality personal protective equipment as well as masks for their safety and well-being.

Ameera Shah, MD, admits that the dedicated employees had to work overtime and “truly lived up to our brand purpose of being there for the patient in their most anxious times.”

Ishita Medhekar, CHRO, Metropolis Healthcare, is appreciative of “the unwavering support from the employees and their commitment towards patient care.”

Metropolis Healthcare offers its services in 19 states and 210 cities across the country.

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