Life beyond Work in three words: Live, Life, QueenSize: Tanaya Mishra

She likes to explore new places and experience the local culture



I travel, explore new places and experience the local culture. I absolutely love to taste the local cuisine and appreciate the heritage — art, architecture, history and culture — of the places I visit.


I start my day with an early morning walk/workout. Getting ready for office takes time as I like to be well dressed and coordinated, which means ensuring that the entire outfit and footwear match. If it’s a Mon, Tue, Thu or Sat I do try and visit the temple. It’s a long drive to work so I use this time to read the newspaper, listen to music, chat with friends and speak to colleagues to get updates on what’s happening at work. Of course, my quota of video calls is a must, both while travelling to and back from work.


Weekends find me riding a rickshaw to the seaside, where I walk by the seashore, experiencing the calmness of the sea and the waves. It is fun to watch the hustle and bustle of young adults playing, and pet owners pampering their dogs as they play catch with them. After the walk, I go and buy fresh flowers, usually oriental liliums, for myself. This is followed by breakfast at Candies or Bagel Station. Once I come back, I pamper myself with a nice relaxing spa.


My last fun holiday was San Francisco, where I visited Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods and Monterey. I enjoyed the local food, including crab cakes and ice creams. A great way of getting the true Frisco feel was the one-day Big Bus Tour experiencing the zig zag roads and the hippie culture.


Catching up with friends over a good meal or coffee and watching plays at the theatre are the primary distractions. Netflix and Amazon Prime give me the relaxation I need. When completely ‘vela’, I watch reels on Instagram and compare notes with my closest friend.


I coach and mentor several young professionals to help them achieve their aspirations and goals. I have sponsored the education of many young girls. I also teach orphaned children and organise health camps for the aged.

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