How Aegon Life Insurance equips employees to make better financial decisions


Financial planning sessions were conducted in collaboration with Arthayantra, to build awareness about financial wellbeing and empower its employees to plan their financial goals and achieve them through effective implementation.

They say – start in your own backyard. That’s what Aegon Life Insurance has been doing. This BFSI company has decided to enable its own people to make wiser financial decisions before it reaches out to its customers. The Company just concluded the week-long programme wherein, it had conducted financial planning sessions, in collaboration with Arthayantra, to build awareness about financial wellbeing and empower its employees to plan their financial goals and achieve them through effective implementation.

Among the several events and activities that were conducted across its India offices between October 3 and 14, the one that stands out is the financial planning session. Speaking on the idea, Saba Adil, chief people officer, AEGON Life Insurance says, “We strongly believe that insurance is the first step to financial planning. It is about mitigating your financial risk and not simply saving taxes. Often, we miss this first step and make financial decisions based on intuition or advice of friends / family or worse, on our tax liabilities!“

Through the structured financial planning sessions coupled with expert, customised consultation, the sessions made employees aware of the necessity to take charge of their finances and avoid rude surprises in the future.

Saba Adil

The company celebrates the Joy of Giving festival every year through a fortnight of giving and sharing, including initiatives on wellness of mind and body, financial well-being, appreciating the enthusiasm of colleagues at work and extending support to the less privileged members of the society.

As part of the initiative, AEGON had conducted health check-ups and lifestyle and disease management camps for employees, along with wellness sessions on the art of living. Adil says, “Health, wellness and general well-being (including financial) are key levers to our happiness, and focussing on these levers is important to us.”

As the name suggests, under the Joy of Giving, the employees contributed to the society in various ways, such as donating family kits, school kits and dignity kits to those affected by floods, through the NGO, Goonj. The employees also came together to prepare some dry snacks in the office canteen, which were packed and distributed to the underprivileged. In addition, they spent a day at old-age centres.

The initiative plays a significant role in bringing people together as colleagues and helping them bond better, beyond work as well. Even when it comes to the day-to-day work routine, the initiative has a unique platform that encourages acknowledgement of efforts. The ‘appreciating with a smiley contest’ is a day when employees thank their peers or subordinates, and also wish them for a great job done or for some accomplishment.

In addition, people gave out appreciation cards/badges which carried messages, such as ‘You did it! Great Job or Thanks for all you do’. “The idea was to spread goodwill and cheer among employees by being thankful to each other,” says Adil.

Also, in order to celebrate World Smile Day (Oct 6), smiley masks were distributed and employees clicked selfies of themselves handing over the appreciation cards wearing the smiley masks. The top 10 funniest pictures were given token gifts.

The Company received an enthusiastic response to the initiative from its offices pan India.


  1. Good going in Religare. If al the employees agreed to contribute to the growth of the organisation, it is a good trend and sign.

    It’s a good going to the achievement of organisational goals.

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