Google employees seek meeting with Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet

With their grievances remaining unaddressed for almost six months, the discontented employees of Google now feel that only the CEO of its parent company can intervene and resolve their issues.

Google accused of firing employees for speaking out

Employees of Google are demanding that Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company, meet them and resolve their issues.

The group of employees called ‘Google Walkout For Real Change’ stated online that even after six months, the Company is yet to address their grievances. In fact, Google seems to have retaliated against some of the employees who participated in the walkout.

Post a global walkout last year, in protest of the irresponsible manner in which allegations of sexual harassment against the Company’s officials were handled, the staff had presented a set of demands to the management.

Almost 20,000 Google employees had participated in the walkout across the world, creating quite a stir on social media.

With no significant action being taken with regard to the demands, the employees now feel that only Larry Page can use his office to intervene and ensure that some action is taken. The employees have made it clear that they have lost trust in the management and the HR of the Company. They have suggested that the HR be made to undergo a performance improvement plan under the supervision of somebody able.

The staff has not approved of the manner in which two women employees— Claire Stapleton and Meredith Whittaker —who were active participants in last year’s walkout have had to face retaliation from the Company. The protestors have asked for the two women’s transfers to be blocked or withdrawn. They have requested the Company to allow the two women to continue in their original positions without being harassed or troubled for their role in the walkout.

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