Taco Bell employee fired for refusing hearing-impaired customer

In the drive-through incident, which was recorded on video, the staff member is seen telling the customer that his order could not be accommodated.


Brandon Washburn, a deaf customer at the Taco Bell drive-through in Ohio was told by the employee of the outlet—while closing the drive-thru window— that his order could not be accommodated, and that it was against company policy. After this, he also opened the window to threaten to call 911 if Washburn did not go away.

The cops who reached the scene backed Washburn. The Taco Bell employee, meanwhile, has been terminated. The staff at the outlet is reportedly now being trained again on handling customers and sensitive issues.

Incidents of customers being discriminated against have gone up recently, globally. There have been cases of outlets abusing black customers and in one recent case, a white customer was seen attacking a black cashier.

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