Maximum women hired in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai: Report

While 33% women applicants are hired in Pune, the figure is 32% for Hyderabad and 31% for Chennai


Looks like women job seekers in India should head for Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai, where they are more likely to be hired. As per a report called ‘Moving towards equality: an overview of the hiring trends for 2022’, these are the three cities that hire the maximum number of women applicants, that is, 33, 32 and 31 per cent, respectively. Interestingly, only 22 per cent of Indian startups hire women candidates.

Among the tier 1 cities, the least number of women applicants, that is, a mere 21.4 per cent, are hired in Delhi/NCR.

Beyond the tier 1 cities, however, there appears to have been a drop in the average percentage of women candidates being hired, from 31 per cent to 12.5 per cent.

Women are most sought after in the domains of software architecture and accounting & finance. They are also likely to be hired as DevOps engineers, application developers/ software developers, automation developers, and big data and business analysts. They have opportunities in cloud computing, data science, HR, market and research, as well as administration and can also look at careers as tutors and content writers.

Women are most in demand in the global in-house centres (GIC) and global capacity centres (GCC) of various sectors, such as BFSI and telecom/manufacturing/automobile, IT Services. They are also in demand in domestic enterprises (retail/engineering/manufacturing/pharmaceuticals and so on.)

It is at the entry level that organisations seem to be hiring maximum women. That means, women form a significant portion of the freshers hired. About 35 per cent of the fresh talent from colleges placed in 2022 were women.

Women applicant with less than three years of experience and three to seven years of experience account for 27 per cent of the total hires in their respective bands.

Only about 17 per cent of women are placed in senior-level positions.

At the fresher level, Pune hired 40 per cent of women applicants, followed by Bangalore with 36 per cent and Chennai with 30per cent in 2022. This trend is set to increase in 2023.

Maximum number of women (35 per cent) with less than or up to three years of experience are hired in Pune. Bangalore follows second hiring 35 per cent of women with zero to three years of experience, followed by Hyderabad with 34 per cent. Chennai comes in fourth (32 per cent) and Mumbai ranks fifth (27.5 per cent).

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