Top 9 sectors to offer highest appraisals in FY16


Pharma will be biggest gainer with expected average salary hike of 12.1 per cent.

Pharmaceutical companies are expected to offer the maximum hike this fiscal. According to the job portal, Career Builder, the average salary hike in the pharma sector, will be 12.1 per cent. The chemical industry will come in next with an expected average salary hike of 11.8 per cent.

Hi-tech and media companies will offer an average salary hike of 10.9 per cent followed by IT enabled services at 10.8 per cent.

In terms of appraisals, engineering companies come in next followed by automobile companies. While the former will offer an average salary hike of 10.6 per cent in 2015–16, automobile companies will offer 10.4 per cent.

Retail and logistics companies are at the bottom of the list with a salary hike of less than 10 per cent.

The job portal says that the average salary increment projected for the year 2015–16 across sectors is 10.8 per cent. In comparison, the projected salary hike in Indonesia will be 9.5 per cent and in China, 8.6 per cent. The expected future in HongKong and Singapore, is 4.5 per cent while in Australia the average salary hike in FY16 is expected to be 3.4 per cent.

In terms of hierarchies, the junior management level is expected to get a hike of 11 per cent, while for the clerical level, the figure will be 10.8 per cent. For the senior, middle and top management levels, the projected hike will be 10.5 per cent.


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