Samsung India continues to nurture interns virtually

The young interns are interacting with and learning from their mentors at Samsung from within the safe confines of their homes.


New interns at Samsung India, numbering about 36, are going through their internship without any disruption, despite the lockdown. They are interacting with the team at Samsung virtually. By doing so, they are maintaining social distancing, even while learning and gaining experience from within the safety of their homes.

This endeavour by Samsung has re-infused hope at a time when most other companies are either pulling back offers, delaying salaries, imposing pay cuts or stopping hiring altogether this year.

Samsung has ensured that the interns, mostly belonging to GenZ,  make the best use of the lockdown period. In the absence of the usual stuff —“…handshakes, audis buzzing with activities, gym or yoga sessions, foosball or table tennis, conference room meetings …”, this year’s “Band of 36” is lucky to undergo the Samsung experience of togetherness across different cities in the country, without actually physically meeting. The credit goes to the combined efforts of the HR and IT personnel at Samsung, who have left no stone unturned to allow these interns to enjoy a smooth and seamless internship experience.

While the experience is definitely new and different, it brings with it a lot of excitement too.

Each of the interns was inducted into Team Samsung online, in compliance with the directive to maintain social distancing. The leaders of the Company also interacted with the interns remotely, making them feel comfortable and welcome.

As the head of HR, Samsung, aptly commented, given the present scenario, this batch of interns has been lucky enough to realise how innovation and technology can actually make anything possible.

These interns are being assigned projects to work on with relevant guidance being provided by a guide, mentor or buddy from Samsung. This is already giving a good boost to the confidence level of the interns.

Not only are the young interns enjoying this extraordinary experience, their e-buddies at Samsung are also excited and highly motivated to make this virtual internship programme 100 per cent successful.

While some were a little anxious and doubtful about the whole arrangement in the initial stages, they soon got into the groove. As stated by Silpa PS, an intern from XLRI, Jamshedpur herself, “I ended up getting reassured and enjoying a nice overview of Samsung.”

The e-buddies assigned to the interns share the same excitement at this unique experience. “It’s a challenging time, and we all need to pitch in to make this wonderful programme, a success,” asserts Riddhi Ranjan, from the e-Com Team of Samsung India.

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