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Samsung to lay off 1,000 employees in India

While on the one hand Samsung claims to have generated 2000 jobs last year, it is now reported that in the face of stiff...

Nurturing interns at Samsung India

Internship gives you a first-hand experience of working in the real world. As a business student, it is your chance to see how a...

Samsung will recruit over 1,000 engineering graduates for its R&D centres

Samsung India will be hiring more than a thousand graduates from the country’s top-ranking engineering colleges. Over 300 of these are expected to be...

Who are the ‘change champions’ at Samsung?

The Company has identified formal and informal influencers from amongst its employees, and equipped them with a formal change agenda.

Why top companies are encouraging ‘siesta’ at work

A good power nap helps improve productivity and brain functioning.

Over 3 lakh candidates hired by MNCs under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal...

Placements span across leading organisations, such as Samsung, Volkswagen, SBI Life, Tata Motors, PayTM, Honda, Accenture, PVR Cinemas, Bata India, Lemon Tree Hotels and L&T.

Samsung India to hire 1000 engineers in 2018

The new recruits will be deployed at Samsung’s R&D centres at Bengaluru, Noida and Delhi.

Samsung Innovation Awards 2017 held at IIT Kanpur

The winners were given cash prizes worth INR 2.5 lakh, while the five finalists received merit recognition from Samsung.

Samsung campus programme to be launched in 19 colleges

The winning team gets a cash prize of Rs 3 lakh and an opportunity to work with Samsung.

Samsung’s Digital Academy to upskill budding engineers

Samsung Digital Academy has been launched to impart skills in new technologies to students of engineering colleges in Telangana

Samsung to break out of the rigid top-down ranking system

The company plans to streamline the existing seven ranks, except for executives, into four, based on employees' career levels.

Samsung E.D.G.E. to pick young talent from colleges

The platform gives the country’s brightest minds an opportunity to get a head-start in their careers.

Samsung, LG sued over US employee anti-poaching agreement

A civil lawsuit was filed last week, accusing Samsung and LG of agreeing to avoid poaching each other's US employees.

How intelligent automation is reinventing the workplace

Organisations are ready to hire new set of recruits – not the millennials or Gen Z – it’s the smart machines and artificial intelligence. The new workplace will see humans and intelligent machines working in tandem.



Five ways to ensure that employees learn continuously

With technology evolving faster than ever and job roles becoming more niche, career paths are just not linear anymore. Employees look forward to learning...

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Is employee voice essential for employee engagement?

What is employee voice? It is the employees’ means of communicating their opinions and views to their employers. It is the means by which...

Good mentors can ensure employee engagement

We have all had mentors at some point in life — people whom we admired or looked up to for their success, accomplishments, expertise...

Managers should help employees reattach to work to keep them engaged

While discussing employee well-being, the importance of learning to disconnect and detach from work once the work day is over is a topic that...


Offboarding process for those terminated

Resignations can be of two types, voluntary and involuntary. In the former, employees leave on their own for various personal reasons. In the latter,...

Former Aon Hewitt CEO joins PeopleStrong as president

PeopleStrong, enterprise work and HR tech brand, has appointed former CEO, Aon Hewitt, Sandeep Chaudhary, as president and member of the board. This appointment...

At least 70,000 BSNL employees opt for voluntary retirement

After suffering delayed salary payments for months, employees of the cash strapped Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) have welcomed the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) with...

Google terminates employee for leaking official documents to media

Taking strict action against its employees for violating company policy and participating in activism at work, Google has terminated one employee and sent two...



“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...

“Traditional organisations use ‘startups’ as proxy to build an agile organisation,” Rahul Garg, founder,...

Moglix offers a variety of products from safety and electronics to office tools. The Company aims to make an impact worth $100 billion dollars...

“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...