Google staff told to eschew Pride protests

Participating in Pride protests is a violation of the Company’s code of conduct, or so the employees were told.


Google has conveyed to its staff through an internal memo that Pride protests are a violation of the Company’s code of conduct, and therefore, employees of Google should refrain from participating in the same or lending their support in any way as representatives of Google.

The Company does not object to the employees participating in the parades as individuals outside the Company groups. But then, the staff feels it is too late for them to take part in official parades in an individual capacity.

Some Google staff members had planned to participate in the Pride parades, marching with the Company, whereas others planned to protest against YouTube’s recent policy decisions, holding signs and wearing t-shirts with messages.

Quite recently, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, was criticised for its policies that allowed homophobic remarks and did not consider them a violation. A video on its platform showed a person using hurtful language against another individual whom he reportedly addressed as ‘lispy queer’ and ‘gay Mexican’. However, YouTube had stated that in spite of the inappropriate language used, the video in question did not go against its policies in any way.

However, post protests by the LGBTQ community, the CEO of YouTube had apologised. Even Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, had made it clear that he supported the apology issued by Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube. He had also reportedly promised to examine the Company’s harassment policies more closely.

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