Tata Steel expands its Diversity & Inclusion policy

The definition of ‘partners’ will now include same-sex couples.

Tata Steel expands its Diversity & Inclusion policy

Close on the heels of TCS’ medical insurance cover for LGBTQ+, Tata Steel, another subsidiary of the Tata Group is also doing its bit to ensure equal rights at the workplace for LGBTQ+ employees. The multinational steel manufacturing company has introduced a new HR policy that enables colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community to declare their partners so that they become eligible for all HR benefits granted under the Law. The term ‘partners’ has been redefined to include people from the same sex who are living together as a married couple.

The modified Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policy will allow Tata Steel employees and their partners to avail health check-up, medical benefits, joint house points, adoption leave, new-born parent leave, and also child care leave. They can also benefit from the employee assistance programme (EAP). In addition, financial help will be provided to those who wish to opt for gender reassignment surgery, along with 30 days of special leave.

The Tata Executive Holiday Plan (TEHP), honeymoon package, domestic travel coverage for new employees, temporary transfer policy, and transfer and relocation policy, will now also allow partners to travel and avail the opportunity to become familiar with a new place. Partners from same sex will be welcome to attend official gatherings and events too.

The Take-2 initiative that facilitated career come-back for spouses will now include members of LGBTQ+ too, so that any partner who wishes to return from a career break can apply.

According to Suresh Dutt Tripathi, VP-HR, Tata Steel, offering equitable policies and benefits is the first step to creating a level playing field for all employees. The move will also ensure that the LGBTQ+ are not discriminated against at the workplace.

As per Atrayee S Sanyal, chief diversity officer, chief group HR, and chief HRM (Steel), Tata Steel, the initiative is in line with the Company’s ideology of creating an ‘enabling workplace for all diverse groups’ and respecting the uniqueness of every individual.

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