Can ‘bhangra’ be the best way to beat workplace stress?

A video by a fitness instructor showing him teaching ‘bhangra’ moves to employees in an office has gone viral


What wouldn’t employers today do to help their employees beat stress and focus on their physical fitness and mental health! They organise parties, workout sessions and marathons, provide them with gyms and pool tables, and even have them perform the ‘bhangra’ at work!

A recent video that has gone viral on social media shows Sahil Sharma, a fitness instructor, teach the employees of an office some ‘bhangra’ moves.

The video has been viewed by millions of people and has received more than 1.7 lakh ‘likes’. The clip shows people in a corporate setting taking a break from their desk work to groove to bhangra music.

While many think this is a fun way to destress and get energised in the middle of a monotonous work day, others felt such sessions may further frustrate employees who are already tired of and burdened with work.

Most people who reacted to the video thought the session appeared to be fun and full of energy. Many yearned to be part of such an office that encouraged such sessions, saying they would work in such an office for no remuneration!

Dance is definitely an enjoyable form of physical workout. The music can uplift the mood and the moves can help relax those muscles that have stiffened from too much of sitting at the desk. Be it organized classes or dance breaks of an hour or less, corporates can encourage their employees to relieve their stress and refresh their minds and bodies.

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