Pfizer asks staff to get vaccinated or get tested weekly

Companies like Alphabet and Walt Disney have already mandated their employees to get vaccinated


Pfizer, the US-based pharma company has asked all its US employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or be ready to get tested for the virus every week, at the office. Seeing a spike in the number of cases in the US with the delta variant being active in the community, many companies in the US have asked their employees to get vaccinated against the virus before returning to office. However, those who cannot get vaccinated due to medical issues and religious beliefs are being accommodated. Pamela Eisele, the company’s spokesperson shared with the media that Pfizer has taken this decision because it cares about the safety and health of its employees and the very community it serves.

Even outside the US, the Company is encouraging all its employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible as per the availability of doses in every country. As of 2020, Pfizer had 29,400 employees in the US. Companies such as Alphabet and Walt Disney have already mandated their employees to get vaccinated.

Pfizer in collaboration with BioNTech was the first company whose COVID-19 vaccine was authorised in the US. As of now, 70 per cent of the US population has been vaccinated with its first dose and seeing a sharp increase in the number of cases, New York has asked every individual to produce their vaccination certificate to enter the state.

In a survey conducted by CNBC , covering more than 800 people, it was found that there is a sharp divide in the views of the people in making inoculation mandatory. About 49 per cent of the people favoured mandating the vaccine, while 46 per cent were against it with five per cent people not being sure what should be done.

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