K Raheja Corp strides towards building an all-inclusive work culture

The Pride Side Policy of the Group focuses on non-discrimination and transparency.


The agenda of diversity is being taken very seriously by India Inc. It isn’t just gender diversity but diversity in all forms that is being given its due by the top brass in all large organisations. With the MNCs leading the way, other organisations are following in their footsteps to build a diverse workplace.

On these very lines, K Raheja, a diverse Group with interests in the realty, retail, hospitality and power sectors, has taken a progressive step to consolidate its diversity agenda. The Group has implemented what it calls the The Pride Side Policy. This policy prohibits all discrimination against any gender within the organisation. It also aims to usher in more transparency.

The policy will apply to all the businesses of the Group.

The K Raheja Group has taken this step after successfully implementing policies, such as ‘Anchal Policy’, which is a maternity-support programme for pregnant women. Under this policy, the Company offers work-from-home, cab assistance for commuting and even assistance of a colleague to provide support at work, during pregnancy.

Further proving that the Company has the best interests of its women employees at heart, it nurtures women into key leadership roles, and offers them greater career prospects in the organisation.

Additionally, the Group also has policies in place to offer adoption assistance and time off from work for volunteering work.

The key elements of the Pride Side Policy are zero discrimination in the hiring process, financial support in gender affirmation procedure, adoption assistance benefits, workshops to sensitise employees, and also provision of professional counselling whenever required.

The organisation intends to focus more on sensitising the employees by organising workshops, discussions during townhalls, informal discussions in smaller groups/forums to seed a more inclusive culture.

“Employee sensitisation will be key for the success of this policy,” says Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Group.

The other aspect of the new policy focuses on hiring purely on merit and creating awareness about including all genders in the organisation. This is also a step to promote transparency within the Group’s companies.

“Being an LGBT-inclusive employer is a process that starts with everyday actions. Working towards equality requires many voices and hands joining together. At K Raheja, we believe what we do here will ultimately impact the community and society at large. India Inc. has the potential to amplify the message of inclusion and diversity. The change, as they say, must begin from within,” adds Aradhya.

As part of the Pride Side Policy, the internal communication team at K Raheja encourages employees to approach the HR personnel directly, in case they perceive any unfavourable action being directed towards them. If the employee hesitates to reach out to HR or any colleague, the Company provides an employee grievances portal to register complaints.

Urvi Aradhya

“Employee sensitisation will be key for the success of this policy”

“This is a very sensitive policy and we have to ensure it evolves as we deal with various employee issues that may come up along the way. We hope that this policy receives a positive reaction from the workforce. Non-compliance will have to be dealt with on a case-to-case basis,” says Aradhya.

Though bringing in a non-discriminatory policy against other genders and transparency is not something new in the corporate world, Aradhya claims that K Raheja is one of the first few companies in the realty industry to adopt it.

“I don’t think we are late. In fact, we are one of the first few in the realty industry. We have launched it based on our needs and timed it to our organisation’s requirement,” she explains.

A transparent and healthy environment for the new generation and Millennials to work in, is what the K Raheja Group is striving towards, with this policy and others. Setting the standards for the industry, the Pride Side Policy can prove to be just the step in the right direction.

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