Nextiva to expand India team by 100 members

The hiring will take place over the next one year


Nextiva, a connected communications firm is looking to expand its 100-strong India team by another 100. The Arizona-based firm had acquired Simplify360 and entered the Indian market.

It is now in the process of expanding its market outside of the US, which involves integrating Simplify360’s product into its own portfolio and tapping the rich talent available in India. Simplify360 already served about 150 customers in India at the time of being acquired by Nextiva.

The voice-over-internet-protocol company has made a name in the connected communications space, powering billions of conversations annually, across its cloud business phone networks, text and team messaging, video meetings, and so on.

The company aims to offer a holistic solution that will bring together conversations in a single platform so what insights can be derived from data to provide better customer experiences.

It is looking to expand in earnest outside the US, and India is definitely one of its favourite locations that promises fast growth.

In December last year, Nextiva had laid off its head – partner development along with 14 per cent of its workforce, unable to handle the challenging economic situation.

In 2021, the value of Nextiva stood at $2.7 billion after its funding round. Globally, it enjoys about five per cent market share in the cloud communication and cloud conversation space. Its customer base is at least one lakh strong, including small and medium-sized businesses.

Tomas Gorny is the co-founder and CEO of Nextiva.

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