is gearing up to expand, double workforce

The SaaS startup is all set to takes its existing strength of 55 to 100, and is looking for people in sales, data annotation, product design, ML research and DevOps


Four years ago, was established by two graduates from IIT-Roorkee. This AI-driven voice engine aims to improve customer experience, as it is equipped to gauge the accent, age, dialects, gender and other analytics, simply by listening to an individual. The Bengaluru-based startup is gearing to double its workforce to 100, and is on the lookout for sales people, data annotators, product designers, ML research engineers and DevOps lead.

The intelligent voice AI/automation platform uses all the information it gathers from the voice or speech of the person to create value for the organisation as well as the customers.

Based on the belief that the manner of interaction of human beings with digital interfaces in the future will all depend on voice, the SaaS startup offers two exclusive products — VIVA and VASR.

With its intelligent voice bots, the startup hopes to cater to the Indian and South East Asian population, a significant portion of whom do not understand English. The user-friendly and intuitive platform makes engagement for the non-English speaking crowds easy, because no written text is involved. It uses a voice assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence, to help enterprises serve the non-English speakers across India and South East Asia.

It is already benefitting over 25 enterprise clients, serving them in 16 different languages across sectors, including hospitality, food and beverages, insurance and banking.

The startup is focussed on its growth plans, as part of which it has hired over 30 people even during the pandemic, and now aims to hire at least 50 more.

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