Educomp launches SmartclassOnline


SmartclassOnline combines internet, social and mobile technology to provide anytime, anywhere eLearning for school children

Educomp Solutions Ltd has launched SmartclassOnline.

It combines the power of the internet with social collaboration and smart phone mobility. It allows students a seamless access to course material, sharing and performance evaluation.

This eLearning solution is built around the theme of ‘Learn, Share and Perform’ and is accessible anywhere and anytime by students, teachers and parents.

Educomp has partnered with KV Intelliprop to develop the platform for SmartclassOnline.

SmartclassOnline is powered by the vast repository of Educomp group’s proprietary digital instruction materials. It enables peer to peer collaboration, parent-teacher interaction, and group to group communication and it includes features for management of student’s performance. Students can access content, teachers can upload assignments for students to download, and parents can access important information about their wards on demand.

Shantanu Prakash, Chairman and Managing Director, Educomp Solutions Ltd, said, “Our education system is being revolutionized by the Internet, online social collaboration and increasing availability of smart and mobile devices. This marks the transition of the education system from the digital age to Internet Age.”

SmartclassOnline allows safe and secure online collaboration through messages, SMS, email, photo galleries, shared events, groups and announcements. Managing performance data is made simpler through features such as assignments, attendance, health status records, marks entry and CCE compliant report card generation.

The curriculum reach extends from kindergarten to grade 12, covering subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, EVS, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies.

Its key features include providing a host of learning solutions that includes rich media digital learning materials such as video tutorials and assessments to help students comprehend and internalize abstract learning concepts. The entire school community can now be connected as one large network with SmartclassOnline. To help new users, SmartclassOnline also has a feedback mechanism to address queries.

“This is the first time such a module is being introduced in India,” said Gaurav Bhatnagar, Senior Vice-President, Educomp Solutions Ltd. “SmartclassOnline brings together the power of learning, sharing and performing online, all in one revolutionary product. For a promotional period, we are offering this free of cost. We invite students, teachers and parents to experience education in the Internet Age with SmartclassOnline today,” he added.

SmartclassOnline will be available in 2 categories for school viz. a starter pack with collaboration & sharing features and a full pack with collaboration, sharing, learning, performance and administrative features. The SmartclassOnline starter pack has been made available for free for a limited period.

It also works as a supplementary tool for students who are enrolled with schools that do not have access to digital learning or have Smartclass installed in their schools.

The programme is open for all – even for open school students. A student has to just register online and start learning. This also increases Educomp’s reach to students exponentially beyond those who are benefitting from their school programs.

To begin with Educomp aims to target the 5 million students it is already engaged with through its Smartclass progam in schools. Over the next one year, the company is targeting bringing 1 million students on its SmartclassOnline platform.


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