Dunzo ties up with OneTap to pay its staff’s August salaries

The quick commerce company is waiting for more funds


The quick commerce company, Dunzo is waiting for fresh funding to improve its financial situation. In the meantime, it has collaborated with payroll financing firm, OneTap, to pay the August salaries of its staff.

The employees were instructed to download a particular app and do the needful in terms of the required KYC process so that their salaries could be transferred on 15 September.

The Indian quick-grocery delivering company had been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It has not been paying its employees their salaries on time. Admist a major funds crisis, the quick commerce startup had told employees that they would have to wait till October for their June and July salaries, and that they would be paid the salaries along with 12 per cent interest. Earlier, it had promised to clear all pending dues by 4 September, a deadline it had extended from a previous promised date in July. The salary payment was further delayed because the platform failed to raise the required funds.

In the first week of September 2023, it had told its employees that their salaries will be paid in batches. In an e-mail to the employees, it had informed that it will take a couple of days to transfer the salaries to everyone. However, they were assured at the time that their salary for August would be paid that very week.

Now, it looks like it has sought the help of OneTap, an RBI-registered non-banking financing corporation (NBFC) run by Capital Trade Links.

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