Meesho announces 9-day break, prioritises employee well-being

The 'Reset and Recharge' initiative offers Meeshoites, a chance to unplug, celebrate and prioritise mental well-being.


Meesho, the e-commerce marketplace, is prioritising employee well-being with its third annual ‘Reset and Recharge’ break, scheduled for 11 to 19 November, 2023.

This nine-day hiatus allows Meesho employees or Meeshoites, to disconnect from work, celebrate, and focus on their mental health. This initiative follows the successful ‘Meesho Mega Blockbuster Sale’ and underscores Meesho’s commitment to its employees’ holistic growth and happiness.

Additionally, the company has revamped its parental policies to offer enhanced support to employees navigating parenthood. These inclusive benefits include financial aid, a 30-week leave for the primary caregiver, extra leave provisions for unforeseen circumstances and health issues, equitable performance evaluations and a seamless return-to-work process. These policies address burnout and anxiety, showcasing a people-centric approach for other companies to follow.

Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO, Meesho, highlights the positive impact of the ‘Reset and Recharge’ break on employee well-being, noting increased joy and vigour upon their return. Meesho believes that a strong work-life balance, rest and rejuvenation are essential components of an exceptional company culture. Employees are encouraged to unwind in their preferred way, whether through quality time with loved ones, going on adventure trips, or pursuing new hobbies, resulting in impressive retention rates.

The break is part of Meesho’s comprehensive wellness programme, MeeCARE, dedicated to mental, physical, financial and social wellness. This programme includes employee-led communities, sports tournaments, health camps, mental health counselling, financial well-being sessions, F&B discounts and NGO partnerships.

Meesho has a history of pioneering policies, including unlimited wellness leave, gender reassignment leave and pet-adoption leave. The Reset and Recharge policy underscores the company’s commitment to an employee-centred workplace based on flexibility and empowerment.

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