Surrogacy Leave Policy at Cushman & Wakefield

Six months of paid leave can be availed by women and single parents to bond with their babies.


Cushman & Wakefield, the global commercial real-estate company, has always been committed to supporting the progress and upliftment of its women employees. In yet another step in this direction, the Company has gone on to create a new future-ready policy— the surrogacy leave policy.

The policy has been introduced for the benefit of women and single parents employed at Cushman & Wakefield India. As per the policy, six months of paid leave will be offered to mothers, so that they can bond meaningfully with their babies. The staff members availing surrogacy leave shall be entitled to the proportionate privilege leave for the time period of their surrogacy leave. Only employees who have worked for a minimum of 80 days in the twelve months preceding the date the child is handed over to the commissioning mother in a surrogacy arrangement can avail the leave.

Such progressive initiatives by the Company have made Cushman and Wakefield one of the Best Companies to Work for Women in India, 2018.

With some of the best talent in the Indian real-estate sector, Cushman and Wakefield is all set to be What’s Next for its workforce and clients.

In the words of Deepali Bhardwaj, executive director-human resources, Cushman and Wakefield, “Our company policies are close to being not just people-centric, but also future-ready. As part of our organisational culture, we care that we are a talent magnet not only because of the business that we do but also because of our people practices. True to our endeavour of pioneering tomorrow’s practices, we have introduced our surrogacy leave policy that will introduce a wave of change in the industry. Surrogacy is a subject that will soon gain dominance in the field of HR, and while many have been contemplating its implementation and impact, we have moved ahead to bridge the gulf between principle and practice.”

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