TCS to rebuild pyramid model, will hire 30,000 freshers

The Company is seeking young engineers equipped with digital expertise as part of its pyramid rationalisation process.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is looking to hire young engineers possessing digital skills in large numbers. This is a move towards rebuilding its pyramid model to reduce costs and improve margins. However, this does not imply any job cuts.

As per the process of pyramid rationalisation, the information technology (IT) company will redo the compensation structure. As part of this rejig, it will hike the proportion of variable pay for its experienced engineers. The objective is to ensure that there are more employees with less than four years of experience and fewer employees with progressively more experience. As a result, few employees with progressively more experience will be seen on the slope of the pyramid. The is because, the number of employees dips closer to the top.

This (model) undergoes changes and restructuring on a regular basis in the Company.

As reported recently, TCS expanded its workforce by 26,453 employees in FY 2019 . An equal number has been hired in FY2020, and that too in the very first six months.

The 50-year old TCS will also be replacing its temporary workers overseas with full-time staff. This will help save the money that otherwise goes into subcontracting.

In 2020-21, the Company plans to recruit almost 30,000 freshers from various campuses. It will also take on at least 1500 freshers from various American and European campuses this year.

While other companies introduce voluntary retirements schemes to eliminate senior staff, TCS is opting to manage its pyramid without cutting jobs in any way.

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