Coursera announces WFH until January 1, 2022

The edtech company may reopen some locations at limited capacity before 2022, but only if it is safe.


In an endeavour to evolve the workplace, e-learning platform, Coursera has announced that its employees can continue to work remotely until January 1, 2022, when it anticipates bringing the offices back to full service.

This decision will give employees more time to work from home and offer them the flexibility they need to adjust to new routines imposed by the pandemic — such as homeschooling — and plan the next 16 months with a clear timeline.

The Company is also offering a larger allowance for home-office equipment. Every Courserian will receive $1,000 — or the local equivalent in the UK, India, Canada, Bulgaria, and the UAE — to create a productive work environment at home. Employees will also continue to receive the monthly stipend, which was introduced in March, to help with home internet expenses.

Coursera may reopen some locations at limited capacity before 2022, but only if it is safe.

Even after the offices reopen safely, Courserians will have the flexibility to work remotely for the long term, function from a nearby office, or split their time between the two arrangements.

In a blog post, Rich Jacquet, chief people officer, Coursera, says, “We have seen more casual interactions between employees who work in different countries over the last six months than ever before.”

The Company has learned a lot ever since the transition to remote working almost six months back, and is willing to face any further challenges that may emerge. Also, it is gearing up to focus more on wellness, flexible vacation policy and training sessions for managers to help them better handle remote teams.

Since the lockdown, the edtech company has hosted a virtual Make-a-thon event, moved its summer picnic online, and also celebrated a colleague’s 40th birthday at a virtual town hall.

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