Former employee accuses Facebook of marginalising Blacks

The accusation was made by Mark Luckie, ex-strategic partner manager for global influencers at Facebook.


American online social media and social networking service company, Facebook, has been accused of failing to support black employees, by a former strategic partner manager for global influencers, Mark Luckie.

According to Luckie, most blacks employed at Facebook were scared to voice their opinions or speak up as they felt marginalised.

Luckie has accused the Company of taking down the content of black people frequently even if they hadn’t violated any of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Being a black himself, Luckie revealed that his colleagues at work made him feel uncomfortable, with some actually staring at him while clutching their wallets inside their pockets tightly till he passed. He admitted to being made to feel like an oddity in the office. He accused Facebook of derailing the attempts of Blacks to create ‘safe spaces’ to converse on Facebook. He went on to state that in one of the buildings of the Company, there are more posters on ‘Black Lives Matter’ than Black employees themselves. He feels that it is wrong of Facebook to claim to connect communities when there isn’t sufficient representation of Blacks in its workforce.

Responding to Luckie’s accusations, Company spokesperson, Anthony Harrison is said to have stated that the Company’s ability to succeed has always depended on its increasing representation of people from diverse groups, engaged in various functions across the Company.

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