Gender inequality rampant at Amazon?

Women of Amazon’s Prime membership team have complained of mistreatment and lack of growth opportunities


While Amazon maintains that 18 women in the Prime membership division were promoted over the last one year, and that women and men were equally promoted in the Company, the women employees seem to think otherwise.

A new report has come to light that states a few women have written to the human resources department complaining about women in the Prime membership division of Amazon being mistreated. In the letter which was sent in March, it has been alleged that not only are women harassed, but the growth opportunities for women are lesser than that of men in the Company.

Based on statements by about 11 present and former employees, and the letter that was sent to the head of diversity and inclusion, who is no longer with the Company, it appears that the Prime membership division was “institutionally biased against women”. The report was published by Insider, but the source of the information was kept anonymous. Apparently, the culture at Amazon not only left women out of promotions frequently, but demeaned and humiliated them too.

This does not come as a surprise because not long back, five women employees of Amazon had filed a legal case against the Company for harassment, racism and gender discrimination.

However, the e-commerce giant continues to maintain that the leadership team at Prime has been closely monitoring how employees are hired, developed and promoted, and that it has been focussing on doubling the number of women in the top ranks in 2021.

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