ELGi implements all-women production lines at air centre

The workforce will produce and deliver more than 150 airends and top blocks on a daily basis


In an approach to promote inclusivity and a gender-diversity, Elgi Equipments, an air-compressor manufacturing firm, has implemented assembly lines at its various centres comprising of all women workforce. A group of twenty young women now oversee operations at the organisation’s air centre at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

The women workforce will manage the functioning of its various departments such as the airend assembly line, encapsulated airend assembly line, and the ELGi new generation compressor top block assembly line.

These capable women have successfully completed a rigorous three-year technical training program at the ELGi Vocational Training School (EVTS), which covered various modules such as machining, welding, electrical work, basic engineering, and advanced production technologies. Now, as a part of their role, the workforce will produce and deliver more than 150 airends and top blocks on a daily basis.

For the convenience of all employees, the company has ensured that all assembly lines at the ELGi air centre are automated. The automation will enable them to achieve torque without much of hassle. This will also simultaneously help enhancing material handling capabilities of all the young girls and women working on the shop floor.

ELGi has placed a strong emphasis on creating a safe and healthy work environment. Moreover, the company has also ensured that all their women employees undergo thorough first-aid training. Additionally, there is a dedicated occupational health centre that provides immediate assistance whenever necessary, prioritising the well-being of the workers and further enhancing the safety and comfort of the workplace.

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