Government will not withhold appointment letters due to pending verification


Provisional appointment letters will be issued after obtaining the attestation form and self-declaration from the candidates.

The issuance of appointment letters in case of government jobs will henceforth not be withheld due to pending verification of character and antecedents of the successful candidates.

The Government has decided that the appointing authorities will issue provisional appointment letters after obtaining the attestation form and self-declaration from the candidates.

However, the appointment letter will clearly mention that if any false information is given by the candidates in their self-declaration, or if the character and antecedents of the candidates are found ‘not verified’, the provisional appointment will be cancelled forthwith. Other criminal and legal action will also be taken, as a consequence.

This is part of the Government’s vision of ‘Minimum Government and Maximum Governance’ and attempt to deliver good citizen-centric governance.

Currently, the appointing authorities undertake an exercise of verification of character and antecedents of the successful candidates before issuing the formal appointment order. Now, the Government has decided that while the verification of character and antecedents is carried out, the issue of appointment letters will not be withheld pending such verification.

The necessary instructions in this regard have been issued to all ministries/departments and also brought to the notice of the state governments/administrators of the union territories.

This year, the Government has also scrapped interviews for non-gazetted government jobs. From January 1, there will be no interview for Group D, C and B non-gazetted posts in the Central Government. The practice was abolished since it bred corruption and became the reason for the very existence of the ‘middleman’. The Central Government has also asked all state governments to identify jobs in which interviews can be totally scrapped.


  1. Unlike the private companies, the vacancy cannot immediately be filled up with another candidate in queue if a candidate, who got selected first and whose antecedents/character are found guilty. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed in Govt while filling up a vacancy or accepting a candidature for a particular position viz., local or non local, reservation category, roaster, age, merit list, zonal system, state etc., If no substitute is available in place of a candidate whose antecedents are proved to be guilty, they have to again notify, start exercising from scratch. It will be time consuming also. Better to prepare a merit list so that the opportunity can be given immediately to the next candidate. Here also, there is no guarantee that next candidate’s character is found as desirable.

  2. i qualified for a civilian post in the govt of India and appointment letter for the same was issued to me.But due to some personal reason I was unable to appear for the joining formalities on the specified date and i did’nt even give any prior intimation..aftet few days they once again sent me a letter for the joining formalities but unfortunately i again was not in the position to go, this tym i sent them a letter showing my willingness to join the post and requested to give me a few more days so that i could be able to appear for all the formalities..But no reply has come till now and its been two will they have cancelled my appointment??

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