Jharkhand may reserve govt jobs for only govt school passouts

The educational system in the state is set to undergo radical changes, under the leadership of School Education and Literacy Minister Jagarnath Mahto


“Government jobs should be reserved only for those who have been educated in government schools,” believes Jagarnath Mahto, school education and literacy minister, Jharkhand state. If Mahto has his way, the state government will soon be bringing about radical changes for the betterment of the education system in Jharkhand.

Mahto pointed out that it was unfair that youngsters who have studied in private schools should vye for government jobs. This reduces the opportunities for those who have been educated in government schools. He suggested that jobs in government bodies and organisations should go to only those who have studied in government schools. However, a reservation in this regard will happen only if the people agree to the same.

Teachers in the state may soon be relieved of all duties that are not related to education, so that their focus is only on teaching students. This move is expected to improve the quality of education imparted in government schools.

The Minister also pointed out that the environment in government schools has to be improved drastically so that more parents are encouraged to send their children to study there, instead of preferring private schools. The state government is already investing Rs 20,000 to 25,000 per month per child in the government schools, yet these schools are not as popular as the private schools.

For some time now, Mahto has been trying to make changes to the existing domicile policy. He is attempting to ensure that the identity of a person as a local is established on the basis of the land records of 1932, before she/he becomes eligible for a government job. These actions are being taken by the government to prove its commitment to its manifesto.

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