Lenskart acquihires DailyJoy, will hire 100+

The brand’s Hyderbad-based tech hub is looking for talent across product, design and development, as well as engineers, front-end developers, java developers, android and IOS developers and data science engineers


Lenskart, the Indian eye-wear brand, has inaugurated its new technology centre in India. Having acquihired DailyJoy, the Hyderabad-based service that home delivers items of daily need, such as milk, fruits, vegetables, and other essentials, Lenskart now hopes to increase its innovation capability and manage new initiatives.

The brand is on the lookout for over 100 people in the areas of engineering, product and design, to expand its team by October 2021. It will hire quality engineering talent, front-end developers, java developers, android and IOS developers and data science engineers.
The technology hub of Lenskart in Hyderabad will be equipped with world-class and state-of-the-art systems and processes, aimed at providing customers and shoppers across channels a seamless experience.

The objective is to employ ace-quality engineers in the vertical, who will facilitatean offline buying experience at home, with technologies such as augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning.

The Hyderabad centre will focus on delivering world-class engineering solutions to help the brand expand its footprint within and outside the country.

The team at Lenskart is also focussing on building a true headless commerce engine, capable of reaching customers through multiple new channels and creating a supply chain tech, which is able to guarantee satisfactory delivery of make to order products.

The expertise that the DailyJoy team has in product, design and technology, aligns with Lenskart’s competencies and values such as entrepreneurship,10x Thinking and customer obsession, making this an ideal acquisition. The team is also capable of building and managing new initiatives cross-borders, which will further facilitate Lenskart’s growth.
Ramneek Khurana, co-founder, Lenskart, shared that, with Satish Sharma, former CEO, DailyJoy joining the team, he is looking forward to growing the company and doubling the current 150-member team over the next 6 months. He revealed the Company’s intention to “make Hyderabad a base for quality and consistent engineering to support the high-growth phase of the company.”

He revealed that Lenskart will focus on hiring “mature technology leaders and young local talent with 10X thinking to spearhead this growth with focus, energy, and innovation”.

Satish Sharma, ex-CEO, DailyJoy, is looking forward to “synchronising our synergies with Lenskart and adding value to their remarkable journey going forward in the ever-evolving eyewear industry.”

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