SpiceJet women staff threaten to boycott work if strip searches continue


The airline’s women cabin crew have demanded a complete stop to such frisking.

Organisations that go overboard with their security procedures can actually cause a lot of awkwardness. This seems to be the case with SpiceJet’s recent security search during which women cabin crew alleged they were asked to remove even their innerwear!

These women have threatened to boycott work—which is likely to leave flights grounded— if they continue to be subject to strip searches. These employees want the Company to put a complete stop to such frisking.

Reportedly, crew members were asked to remove their innerwear during searches, and that too in an area that wasn’t even completely closed.

On the nights of March 28 and 29, SpiceJet’s security teams carried out ‘random pat down searches’ as part of security and safety standard operating procedures, but rejected the allegation that the crew
was strip-searched.

In addition, a video of SpiceJet air hostesses accusing their airline of strip-searching them at the Chennai airport also went viral this Saturday. There were additional reports of one of the air hostesses claiming she was asked to leave out sanitary napkins she was carrying in her handbag, while another said she was asked to remove the one she was wearing!

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