Tata Group appeals to its employees to give up LPG subsidy


The move would be in the national interest and in keeping with the Group’s rich tradition of nation building.

The Tata Group has requested all its employees to forego the LPG subsidy in response to PM Narendra Modi’s call, to give up LPG subsidy, to those who can afford to do so. The Prime Ministeer had conveyed that the money saved from LPG subsidy could be used for schools and to provide medical facilities.

The business conglomerate, in its official website, stated that this sacrifice would be in the national interest as India’s vital fuel requirements are met, in large measure, through costly imports. Moreover, the foregone subsidy can be redeployed towards other national development purposes.

According to the official communique from the Tata Group, “In keeping with the tradition of supporting the national interest, Tata companies are requesting those employees who can afford to do so to consider whether they may wish to voluntarily give up the use of subsidised LPG”.

It will be interesting to see how many Tata employees adhere to this request and how many other Indian companies will make similar appeals to their teams.

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