Tech CEO resigns amidst sexual assault allegations

CEO of CD Disco allegedly assaulted an employee and made her eat meat inappropriately during professional gatherings, raising questions about his professionalism and workplace boundaries


The CEO of CD Disco, a technology company has stepped down from his position amid allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate conduct towards a woman employee. The Wall Street Journal reported on the incident, which occurred during a team dinner on 6 September 2023.

Kiwi Camara, the 39-year-old Harvard prodigy, had grabbed headlines earlier this year for receiving a compensation package larger than that of Tim Cook, CEO, Apple. His total compensation reached $110 million, as reported by Fortune. This windfall included a $500,000 salary and $109 million in stock options, contingent on certain targets by 2032 or changes in leadership.

Following Camara’s resignation, CS Disco’s stock price experienced a significant increase of more than 10 per cent. 

It is alleged that Camara not only assaulted the employee but also forced a piece of roasted meat into her face, instructing her to eat it in an uncivilised manner.

This gathering, which took place in a professional setting, seemed to have deviated from its intended purpose. Instead of focusing on work-related matters, they reportedly gave rise to an uncomfortable atmosphere, particularly for the female employees present. This pattern of behaviour raised questions about Camara’s professionalism and his ability to maintain appropriate boundaries in the workplace.

The fact that formal complaints were filed with the human resources department suggests that employees at CS Disco were genuinely concerned about the workplace environment and Camara’s actions. These prior complaints serve as important context for understanding the recent allegations and Camara’s subsequent resignation from his position as CEO.

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